Who Are We?

ACC is a local developer building homes in Edmonton and surrounding areas since 2012. While being a younger company compared to our competitors, ACC’s owners possess experienced engineering and carpentry backgrounds that solidifies our capability to build your dream home. With houses in communities across the greater Edmonton region, such as Beaumont, Terwillegar, Windermere, Laurel Greens, Chappelle, and Strathcona, ACC has developed a strong understanding of the industry over the past decade. Looking into the future, ACC looks to continue establishing themselves as Edmonton’s premier home builder. 

Why Choose Us?

As a small business, ACC is able to provide our customers the hands-on experience and service that larger developers cannot.  We build houses for our clients, so we believe houses should be built by our clients as well. ACC guarantees our clients power during the entire development process by allowing direct communication with our owners, ensuring we are held accountable and responsible when building your home. Not to mention, our efficient workmanship allows for lower prices without sacrificing quality. 

Proudly Partnered With...

Anand Carpentry & Construction

Regency Innovations

Fancy Doors and Mouldings

Progressive Home Warranty

Canadian Home Builders’ Association